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Crew & Ranks

What we look for in our crew and how we reward them?

At Level we always work for excellence. We are committed to bringing virtual aviation to the highest level of realism, which is why all of our operations are based on the real world airline. We use automatic systems and offer many advantages to our crew. We are an airline where our crew members can convert their virtual money into paypal money and coupons. That is possible with "Level Club".

Airline Crew List

Only the best belong to our virtual airline.

Pilot ID
Spain Julio Vielma Contreras
On Leave

Pilot Rank System

The candidates admitted will immediately have the rank of Trainee and all will ascend be for the hours worked in the company reaching the maximum rank of trainer.

The following ranks and payouts will apply:

Rank Title
Minimum Hours
Rank Image
Pay Rate
Trainee 0 €15/hr.
Flight Student 50 €35/hr.
Flight Officer 250 €50/hr.
First Officer 500 €70/hr.
Captain 750 €85/hr.
Senior Captain 1000 €100/hr.
Commander 1500 €125/hr.
Trainer 2000 €150/hr.

We are currently recruiting new members. Do you have experience as a virtual airline pilot?

If you meet the access requirements and you like virtual aviation, this is your opportunity. What are you waiting for to apply as a pilot at Level Virtual Airlines?