Any registered person who uses the services of Level Virtual Airlines must comply with the following regulations. Regulations that come into effect from the start of operations. All subsequent changes will be announced to all members by the most suitable way. They are based on seven sections described below:


1.1) Level Virtual Airlines has no relationship with the real world airline. However, its main objective is to simulate on the IVAO or VATSIM network all its operations and offer its service to air simulation enthusiasts that meets the requirements demanded by the virtual airline. For this purpose, the Level Virtual Airlines will provide, free of charge, the tools and services deemed appropriate to serve the people who are part of this group.

1.2) Comply with the provisions of the general terms, membership, operations, ranks system, privacy policy, special sections; as well as respect and comply with current IVAO or VATSIM regulations. Being certified in IVAO, acceptance of its rules and regulations is mandatory.


2.1) The Level Virtual Airlines CEO will have sovereign capacity. He will always make any decision that he considers appropriate for the best performance of the airline.

2.2) All pilots and new members of Level Virtual Airlines will be committed to being responsible, tolerant, respectful and professional as long as they are part of the airline. The fraudulent use of the systems or any act of social, political, sexual or racial discrimination in the IVAO or VATSIM network is prohibited. It implies the immediate and irrevocable suspension by the administration of the virtual airline.

2.3) Only pilots who demonstrate having an active account on IVAO or VATSIM network with at least 250 flight hours will be accepted. Level Virtual Airlines in compliance with its regulations will reserve the right of admission of all new revenue through its website. The virtual airline will not be forced to give explanations of the internal decisions that are made. It will also revoke without prior notice the access to any member that is considered not qualified to operate in the airline.

2.4) Any member who attempts to sabotage or tamper with the virtual airline's systems will be immediately removed and, in addition, the necessary legal measures will be taken.

2.5) They may make suggestions to the Staff on any subject within its competence which will be taken into account, giving prompt response to them.

2.6) In accordance with European data protection regulations, the data collected when registering with Level Virtual Airlines will be used with confidentiality and in order to occasionally send informational emails to the members of the airline. These data will not be shared with third parties at any time. More information in Privacy Policy – GDPR disclaimer section.

2.7) Level Virtual Airlines reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions of the service without notification. Review these terms of service periodically to keep up with the latest changes.


3.1) All new members must have an active account in IVAO or VATSIM with 250 hours of flight or more and not belonging to the Staff of other virtual airlines.

3.2) All new members must Pass a multiple choice test in aeronautics with the following characteristics:

Number of Exam Questions
Time per Question (in Seconds)
Minimum Pass Percentage
Days until Exam can be retaken (if Failed)
15 Questions. 180 Seconds. 80%. 7 Days.

Once the application is received, it will be studied, the candidate being informed of his admission, if applicable, in which he will receive all the necessary information to complete his integration into the activities of the airline. Level Virtual Airlines, reserves the right of admission, as well as suspension, of the entry of new pilots without prior notice.

3.3) All applications for admission to Level Virtual Airlines without (IVAO VID or VATSIM ID) will be automatically rejected. If an applicant flies only on IVAO, for example, leave the VATSIM ID blank or vice versa. Avoid giving non-existent identifications.

3.4) All new member must be at least fifteen (15) years of age or older and use their true identity.

3.5) All new members must have a valid and active email address.

3.6) All new members must have basic theoretical and practical notions on virtual aerial simulationa and a minimal knowledge of the English radio telecommunications and of the concepts used in aviation. For example: Procedures.

3.7) All new members must have a legal copy of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004, FSX, FSX Steam, Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020, Prepar3D, or X-Plane to fly and stay active on the airline.


4.1) The Level Virtual Airlines pilots will fly the routes established by the company through the reservation system and with the corresponding fleet but you can do an aircraft equivalency, that is, if a flight is operated by an aircraft (A330-200) the aircraft (A330-300 or A350) can be used and not (B767, B777, B789), for example. All aircraft equivalences must correspond to the same manufacturer or type.

4.2) The reservation of a flight can be made at any time from their private area, pilots must fly the day and at the scheduled time to make Level Virtual Airlines operations more realistic but it is not mandatory. Level Virtual Airlines mandates the use of the callsign (ANE/ BAW / BOS / EIN / IBE / IBS / VLG), in the same way, that all its operations must always be in online mode in the IVAO or VATSIM network. The report of off-line flights of the corresponding network or with callsign of other airlines is prohibited. If this type of irregularity is detected, the pilot will be sanctioned for a week of inactivity on the airline.

4.3) All booking have 24 hours. After that time the bid will be automatically deleted. Refrain from booking a flight if you are not sure of flying it within 24 hours.

4.4) Manual PIREPS are not accepted. Pilots will use smartCARS to send their PIREPS automatically. smartCARS is an additional complement to the simulator, which does not interfere with IVAO or VATSIM, and which simulates the real operations of an airline, recreating a more realistic and professional environment. To perform operations with smartCARS, it is necessary to download and install a free software available in the "Pilot Resources" section in the Crew Center, very light and that consumes very few system resources without altering the simulator's performance in the least. The smartCARS client is an ACARS system that acts as a tracker (black box) monitoring flight activity through interfaces such as FSUIPC or XPUIPC being compatible with different simulators.

4.5) All flights must be done on-line on the IVAO or VATSIM network. Before starting the flight, you must ensure that you select "Online" mode and the network you are flying on in smartCARS.

4.6) Check regularly that you are connected to the IVAO or VATSIM network, to avoid repeating a flight because it was done offline. We will accept to you only disconnect for a maximum of 20 minutes for flight, more than this time we will reject your flight. The report of these flights is reflected in the personal file and statistics of the pilot.

4.7) If a Level Virtual Airlines pilot is going to take a flight and the callsign is in use, simply add a letter, for example, (BAWXXXA / EINXXXA / IBEXXXA). In the comments of the flight report, you must report it.

4.8) All new members must make the first flight Fifteen (15) days after entering Level Virtual Airlines. Otherwise, it will be placed Inactive, and after Ninety (90) days, your registration will be automatically deleted from the airline without notice. Active pilots must make at least Two (2) flights per month and if in Ninety (90) days you do not fly your account will be suspended too. All members suspended for inactivity in the airline and not complying with our regulations will be denied access to the airline, that is, they will not be able to register again.

4.9) In the event of a forecast of prolonged inactivity for more than a month, the airline must be notified requesting a vacation through the LoA (Leave Of Absence) system. Each pilot has 90 days of cumulative vacation per year that he can enjoy as best suits him. If the 90 days are enjoyed and the vacation period is exceeded, the pilot is discharged due to inactivity. The pilot's activity depends on the last reported flight.

4.10) All Level Virtual Airlines members will automatically receive rewards, for example for the first flight, for completing 100 flights or for the smoothest landing. They will also have a virtual payment (not real) depending on their rank on the airline and with the money earned they can redeem it for real money (Paypal) or discount coupons in our Level Club.

4.11) Level Virtual Airlines does not allow transfer requests from one airport to another. Transfers from one airport to another or the transfer of an aircraft will be allowed in case of operational problems only.

4.12) Any action by the pilot that could endanger the aircraft and / or passengers will result in a rejected PIREP. Pilots are expected to be familiar with and follow the aircraft's operating procedures, including those related to: brakes, lighting, speed limits, flap adjustments, and fuel management.

4.13) A report with a landing rate of more than (-550) will be rejected. The following landing rate evaluation will apply.

Landing Rate
Landing Type
-1 to -120 Greased Landing
-121 to -220 Nice Landing
-221 to -320 Normal Landing
-321 to -420 Rough Landing
-421 to -550 Dangerous Landing
-551 to -1000 Crashed Landing (Rejected)


5.1) All the candidates admitted as pilot of Level Virtual Airlines will immediately have the rank of Trainee.

5.2) All ranks in Level Virtual Airlines will be assigned automatically when each pilot reaches the necessary hours.

5.3) All Virtual Level Airlines pilots will ascend be for the hours worked in the company reaching the maximum rank of trainer. The following rank evaluation will apply.

Rank Title
Minimum Hours
Rank Image
Pay Rate
Trainee 0 €15/hr.
Flight Student 50 €35/hr.
Flight Officer 250 €50/hr.
First Officer 500 €70/hr.
Captain 750 €85/hr.
Senior Captain 1000 €100/hr.
Commander 1500 €125/hr.
Trainer 2000 €150/hr.

5.4) After the first flight (round trip), 50 hours will transfer and will automatically ascend to the rank of Flight Student. From there, you can fly long-haul but only the hours flown on the airline count for reaching the following ranks.

5.5) Pilots with demonstrable experience can be part of the airline's staff in any of the available vacancies. The interested part must be a responsible and efficient person who wants to work and help improve the airline. Write us:


6.1) Accountable Manager. We inform you that the personal data that You provide us are added to a personal data process called "VIRTUAL PILOTS" whose accountable manager is LEVEL VIRTUAL AIRLINES. You can contact with the accountable manager via email:

6.2) Purpose. LEVEL VIRTUAL AIRLINES manages the personal information provided to us by the interested parties with the purpose of providing agreed services and the occasional send of email if consent is given.

6.3) Duration. The personal data provided in the registration as a pilot will be stored for the duration of your membership in LEVEL VIRTUAL AIRLINES.

6.4) Automated decisions and profiling. We inform you that there are no automated decisions including profiling.

6.5) Legal basis of the treatment. The legal basis for the management of your personal data is the provision of the agreed services and interested parties’ consent.

6.6) Data destination. The data will not be given to third parties external to the virtual airline.

6.7) Data transfer. There are not any international transfers of data.

6.8) Rights. Interested parties’ rights are as follows:

Right to request its rectification or suppression.

Right to request a limitation to its managing.

Right to oppose to its managing.

Right to transfer your personal data.

You may exercise your rights contacting LEVEL VIRTUAL AIRLINES. sending an email to attaching to it a copy/scan of your national ID in order to identify yourself. We will answer to your request as soon as possible.


7.1) Cookies. The Level Virtual Airlines website uses "cookies". We use these cookies to help identify and prevent possible security risks. Also for functionality.

Last revision: January, 2021.